Reasons To Choose A Mini Dumpster Over Other Options

When it's time to clean up, you might be tempted to rent a full-sized dumpster. After all, with such a large dumpster, you won't have to worry about not having enough space. However, there are many reasons why a mini dumpster rental might be the better option for your project. 

Mini Dumpsters Look Better

A full-sized dumpster can be unsightly and can take up a lot of space. They can be very inconvenient. Meanwhile, it's easier to put a mini dumpster in a location where others won't notice it. If you only have a small area where you can place your dumpster, it's much easier to work with a mini dumpster. 

Mini Dumpsters are Easier to Work With

You may be struggling to place your belongings in a dumpster and any efforts to do so might cause you to hurt yourself. The smaller the dumpster, the easier it will be to move. The mini dumpsters come with polycarbonate wheels that allow for the boxes to be placed on your driveway without causing damage to your property. 

Mini Dumpsters Can Fit All of Your Garbage

A mini dumpster will typically hold twelve cubic feet of material. If you need more, you can always rent another mini dumpster. When you're not sure how much you will be throwing away, you are always best off starting small. Rather than having a dumpster that is not completely full, you can use several mini dumpsters that will hold exactly however much waste you produce. You will only have to pay for the space you use. 

The mini dumpsters are usually large enough to be able to fit most items. Therefore, you won't have to worry about running out of space. The only item you won't be able to place in a mini dumpster is hazardous waste, so make sure to contact and make special arrangements with appropriate hazardous waste disposal services. 

Mini Dumpsters are Easier to Pick Up

When it's time for your mini dumpster to be picked up, it is much easier than with a larger dumpster. Heavy and bulkier dumpsters are more difficult to handle. However, a mini dumpster can be loaded into a truck in a matter of minutes. 

Dumpsters are Better for Your Property

Dumpsters are always a better idea than simply placing your garbage by the curb. When you place garbage on your property and it is outside of a dumpster, the garbage is much more likely to damage your property. 

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