The Benefits Oil Tank Removal Has Over Oil Tank Abandonment Services

If you have an oil tank that is no longer being used or is damaged, you have a decision to make. You can have oil tank removal done, or you can have oil tank abandonment services done. When oil tank removal is done, the oil tank is dug up and removed. When oil tank abandonment services is done, all of the oil and sludge is drained from the tank. The tank is then disconnected from any pipes that may be present. Lastly, the tank is filled with sand or rocks so it can't be used again. Learning the benefits of both options can help you decide which is better for you. Here are a few of the benefits oil tank removal has over oil tank abandonment services. 

Oil Tank Removal Is Better for the Environment

One of the biggest benefits that oil tank removal has over oil tank abandonment is that oil tank removal is better for the environment. Oil tanks can rust and corrode as they sit underground. This rust and corrosion can leech through your soil, making it unhealthy. When an oil tank is removed, the metal tank is recycled, which is also better for the environment. 

Removing the Oil Tank Can Increase Your Property Value

Another benefit associated with oil tank removal is that removing the tank can increase your property value. If you have an abandoned oil tank on your property, you typically have to disclose this to potential buyers. This can lower the value of your property or drive buyers away. Having the tank removed helps you prevent both of these issues. 

Removing the Tank Allows You to Use the Land As You Want

The last benefit to oil tank removal is it allows you to use the land for anything you want. When you have an abandoned oil tank sitting below the surface of your yard, you can't plant a tree there, build a new fence there, or even install a sprinkler system there. All of these items can disturb the tank. When you remove the tank, the land is free for you to do whatever you wish with it. 

Learning the benefits of oil tank removal is one of the tools you can use to determine whether oil tank removal or abandonment services is best for you. If you have an oil tank on your property, another tool is to consult with an oil tank repair and removal company. They can help you decide which option is best for you based on the tanks condition, age, location, and your budget. 

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